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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Must See For Student: Full Admission List Is Out For Taraba State University - 2017/2018 Session

The management of the Taraba State University (TASU) has released the first batch admission list for the 2017/2018 academic session is out.
Candidates that participated in the Taraba State University post UTME screening exercise can now check their admission status online.
The under-listed candidates have been offered Provisional Admission for Degree Programmes into Taraba State University (TASU) for the 2017/2018 Academic Session.
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S/N RG_NUM RG_CANDNAME CO_NAME AdmissionStatus 1 77117069AB Andekin Reagan Mamtsab ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 2 75202366GB Anyor Terna ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 3 76073875HC Augustine Anita Munaguti ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 4 76068782CF Ayih Nathan ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 5 75810577JF Benjamin Damaris ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 6 76679108BJ Faga Aondover Titus ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 7 76073729CF Ismail Shabanatu Papa ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 8 76071110CF Ja’afaru Sakinatu ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 9 77110130GA Jubrin Danjuma ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 10 77109740GG Khalifa Mamman ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 11 76467828GB Obadiah Asansah Yusuf ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 12 76189350DE Osam Odam Okorn ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 13 76064798EG Samuel Godwin Polycard ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 14 75998295CG Shaiki Mamsire Bala ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 15 76066296BE Titus Nathaniel Avyonma ACCOUNTANCY/FINANCE/ACOUNTING Admitted 16 76463270FI Samuel Stephen AGRIC‐ECONOMICS AND EXTENSION Admitted 17 76066071BA Abdul‐malik Haliru Madaki AGRICULTURAL AND BIO‐RESOURCES ENGINEERING Admitted 18 76071938GD Muhammad Nasibat Nyajo AGRONOMY Admitted 19 75437284BC Adamu Taddu Sukkushe ANIMAL SCIENCE Admitted 20 77110089IG Amos Obidah ANIMAL SCIENCE Admitted 21 76065745BI Ishiyaku Abdulhamid ANIMAL SCIENCE Admitted 22 77109737HF Jacob Nehemiah ANIMAL SCIENCE Admitted 23 76071566BF Wisdom Godsbright ANIMAL SCIENCE Admitted 24 76466643CH Yunana Glory ANIMAL SCIENCE Admitted 25 77112337DF Annyam Hembafan Zoka BOTANY Admitted 26 76061742JG Attah Abigail BOTANY Admitted 27 77116908JG Bitrus Andefiki Burba BOTANY Admitted 28 77116168IF Calvin Love Hudson BOTANY Admitted 29 76466124DC Danjuma Ande BOTANY Admitted 30 77111840HB Edor Blessing Muhammed BOTANY Admitted 31 76060771AC Habila Rimamfenten BOTANY Admitted 32 76073794CE Job Peace BOTANY Admitted 33 76073267FD Jonah Melody BOTANY Admitted 34 76066546EA Joseph Rejoice BOTANY Admitted 35 76059483ID Keto Priscilla Ibrahim BOTANY Admitted 36 75211798IJ Linus Patience BOTANY Admitted 37 76069466BA Luka Tafisu BOTANY Admitted 38 76464368GC Ngara Rose BOTANY Admitted 39 76467958FJ Njilmah Lilian Gelimi BOTANY Admitted 40 76069212JD Polycarp Lud‐elyon BOTANY Admitted 41 77115310EA Simon Godiya Zakari BOTANY Admitted 42 76066978AF Sylvanus Josephine BOTANY Admitted 43 76465092CE Anthony Ediseh Gambo BOTANY Admitted TASU Admission List — 
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44 76467727HD Jonah Janet BOTANY Admitted 45 76187389JH Joseph Juliet Nyanga BOTANY Admitted 46 76528350HJ Amos Yanatam BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 47 76299307GA Bello Yahaya Yahaya BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 48 76067739FA George Sylverine BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 49 76464921FC Gyegu Terpase Nicodemus BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 50 76462850FH Isa Muhammad Nasiru BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 51 75397987EI John Esanseh BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 52 77116578BJ Joseph Nifwa Dadi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 53 75218733EC Lazarus Auta Zyigbota BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 54 76467130CB Shehu Jayson Daura BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Admitted 55 76076036II Solan Julius Sunday BUSINESS 56 76065818JA Sule Eka Ali BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 57 76065718AC Jacob Amakai Ajiduku BUSINESS 58 76462965AD Abba Jemimah 59 76076089CG Adam Ishaq 60 76069568JC Ahmad Anisa TASU Admission List 
1. UTME Candidates seeking admission in the 2017/2018 academic session should login to the JAMB website click on “CAPS ” to check their admission status, and click on “accept/reject ” button to either accept or reject the offer.
2. Candidates whose admission status show “not admitted” should keep checking the JAMB website for further updates.
3. Candidates should please note that the Admission List will be published in batches on the University’s website as they are processed. Candidates are therefore advised to keep on checking the university’s website for the Admission List.
4. Those offered provisional Admission should proceed with the Acceptance and Registration processes.
Congratulations to all the candidates that made it to TASU admission list for the 2017/2018 academic session.

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